Saturday, August 29, 2009

Running, bruising and teething...BRING IT ON!

Hudson is now running all over the place. He loves being outside in the back yard playing with the hose, in the baby pool or going for wheelborrow rides. He is working on all terain so many face plants have occured over the last few weeks. He has a scrape, a bruise and an nickle size welt all in the same place on his forehead from falling in the same place 4 times in 2 days.

I noticed his upper left tooth coming in on Tuesday and by Thursday I realized that there were 4, YES 4, teeth all coming in at the same time. He is my little trooper! He has been eating like a mad man, and pretty happy when awake. His sleeping at night though is getting very choppy. We had 2 entire weeks of him sleeping thru the night it was great....while that lasted ;) Hoping when the teething is done he will go back on schedule.

Grandma moved in and he loves seeing her all the time. It has been nice to have extra hands around the house. Daddy has been home for several months now and Hudson is getting very spoiled having 3 adults around to entertain him.

He is mimmicking words too. He says, "hat", "apple", "dis" for this- he points at everything and asks what it is- "dis" "dis" "dis". He also continually says "dadda", "babba" and occasionally "mamma".

Mommy is working on acquiring a climbing structure as well as a bike seat so we can out in the evenings for a long bike ride.

Hudson is going to be 1 on Sept 18th! His party is the 12th since we have a wedding to go to on the 19th in Carmel. We have invited all our close relatives and some friends to come over and play with us that day. We hope it is a success. We are doing a Curious George theme, since he is our little monkey and into everything!

Mommy is looking for doula clients and a job. Not much out there. I may go back to school and get my nursing degree now, and not wait until #2 is here. We don't know when #2 will come if having another baby is a good idea now or not??? we will have to see.

Love to all of our friends and family. I am so greatful for my wonderfuk husband, adorable son, baxter the dog is getting older (turned 8 last week) and my mom for being a great grandma! Can't wait to have PAPA and nadia here for Christmas if that will work out or not too! Also we see Nanny and grand dad every few weeks too that is nice too!