Thursday, October 7, 2010

STOP to enjoy motherhood!

So I was sitting in the back seat driving home from Fairytale land yesturday, grandma was driving actually. I looked at my adorable 2 year old son to my right, tired but not willing to fall asleep and my precious little baby girl to my left. I smiled and it dawned on me, I am a mom, and a mother of two! WOW! So surreal....I always wanted to be where I am now in my life and I am letting it pass me by.

For so many years I longed to be a mom, and now I am a mother of 2 beautiful, healthy, thriving kids! I have packed my days, as I have for years, with business things, doula-ing, learning and teaching Childbirth education, volunteering, & household business. WHAT AM I DOING? Why have I been letting the best days, weeks and years of my life just go by unnoticed or cherished? I need to STOP!

So this week, and going forward, I vow to enjoy my kids, play with them and only do the bare minumum outside of what is needed to parent. I need to take it in, like I did the other day. I rode my bike to the park with Hudson and we played chase, counted trees, shot baskets, and laid in the grass as I showed him how to find animal shapes in the clouds. We rolled down the grass hill, how dizziness sets in when you're older I don't know....but then we examined the grass and found a bunch of three leaf clovers.

Hudson who is now 2, is starting to talk so much, he is using his words so well and his signing is not slowing down. I am so happy to see him growing up and watching him blossom into a little boy! Yesturday, I finally was able to get him to enjoy the back yard on his own. He played in the empty kids swimming pool with a pile of rocks and dirt for almost an hour! So cool, that usually only lasts about 6 minutes.

My daughter, Dayton has the most gorgeous eyes! They are a pale violet blue! We were at Fairytale town and I just got done nursing her. I put her in the stroller and she was so happy and smiley. The natural light coming through the trees lit up her face and eyes, it melted my heart. I got some great pictures!

I want to cherish my kids growing up, and I am determined to enjoy these great moments. I need to stop running the rat race that has been ingrained in me for so many years. I am stepping back to remember my preschool teaching days and look at the world through their eyes.

I want to swim in the enjoyment of my kids childhoods and the fantastic opportunity I have to be a mother & wife!