Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First trip to the Zoo

I woke up this morning with my beautiful, adorable, cherub son's smiley face and hands grasping at my arms. He slept most the night and up at 6am, so I snuggled up to nurse him and we both went back to bed. The next thing I know he is smiling at me, stroking my arm and cooing with a high pitch squeal. He is soooooo cute in the morning! He is cute all day, but it is the best present each and every morning to see his smile, his eyes and hear his laughter. I can't believe how much I love him and want to eat his cheaks up! Tickling him is addicting because I just want to hear his giggle over and over again. I have to stop myself and realize he probably needs to breath. Hudson I love you so much, and you are the cutest thing I have ever seen!

So my day started off drinking up his cuteness then reality hit me. This morning we had to get ready to go to the Zoo! Unfortunately.... nap time came early. So we missed our playgroup but we went anyway, just Hudson and mommy. We ended up there about 12:15 in the 96 degree heat. We jumped on the miny train and Hudson was startled by the train whistle...but then he clapped and smiled. I took video it was so cute he liked it! The light breeze on the train made it barable today. Although the Zoo is small, it was neat to see some of the animals. Most were hiding in shade and we didn't see a lot of faces. Definately somewhere to go back to when he is a bit older. Hudson got to see black bears, a tiger, some deers and a mountain lion. He only noticed the deer because we could pet it thru the fence. I didn't but a 3 year old did in front of us.

Hudson is sleeping well again. Luckily the tooth hurdle didn't blow his new routine. He ate some food for the sitter, Connie yesturday and she got him to take a nap for her. This month has been a big month for Hudson. He is really working on rolling around....a little encouragement on judy's quilt with toys just out of reach and he pivots well.

He is growing like a weed. He is wearing 18 month clothes. I really think there should be a new way to gage sizes in clothes for babies. It should have a weight and height chart and the clothing manufacures should be REQUIRED pre-shrink the clothes.

Hopefully we only have to buy clothes to 2-3 years old and then we will get hammy downs from all our BOY cousins, RIGHT???

I am exhausted from all the heat and an active day. My husband is coming hom early tonight, YEAH it's only Wednesday ;)

I will post pics and video of the zoo on here or youtube and post the link when done. I should get arounf to that tomorrow.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hudson turns 7 mo and we celebrate our 1 yr anniversary

This week has been a milestone for our family in more than one way.

Hudson got his 1st tooth Tuesday evening the 14th, he ate his 1st jar of solid food for mommy Saturday night the day he turned 7 mths old, and Andrew and I celebrated out 1st completed year of marriage today Sunday the 19th.

His sleeping has not been great this week I think from the solids and the teeth coming in. But next week daddy his home by Wed so we will make sure all nights our in his own bed, and dad helps with bed time this week too.

Hudson is clapping and smiling all the time, along with kicking and jumping as much as he can. He is so happy when Daddy is home for the weekend. Grandma & Abuelo Leo watched him last night so Andrew and I could go out to the movies. Thanks granny pants!

I think Nanny and Grandad our home today from England so hopefully we get to see them this week sometime!

We are enjoying the sun, nice 80 degree weather, gardening and making our house a home, and spending time together this weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mommy and a teething infant

So the last few days have been draining. Hudson is very clingy and just wants to be held all the time. With that though he wants to grab everything I am doing, using or eating and shove it in his mouth. He has twisted his body so much he almost fell out of my arms by trying to reach something.

I have come up with a few things he really likes chewing on but I am running out of ideas. I made a apple and water ice cube for him to try today in his teether, but if that doesn't work I don't know what will. Anyone have any ideas? Preferrable not so messy ideas. Like something he can chew on while we are out on a walk or doing errands??? I think I may go get some licorice root, he won't swallow anything so I don't have to worry about that.

Daddy comes home on Friday afternoon, and I have a sitter today for a few hours. I also need to pump out some milk for Hudson so daddy and mommy can go on a date for our 1 yr anniversary this Saturday. Grandpa Al sent us a anniversary card, that was so nice! Thanks grandpa.

It is suppose to be 80 degrees today and I need to get some gardening done hopefully I can get outside before it is too hot out.

Also I signed Hudson up for swim class 3 of them. I hope he will be a good swimmer by the time he is 1 yr old. I am so excited about this!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1st tooth- YEAH FINALLY!

As Hudson is knawing on his passifier at 8pm tonight he sticks my thumb in his mouth and I feel a pinch! Yes it is real a tooth, finally he broke his first tooth! Bottom left tooth lined at the bottom of his gums. I tried taking a picture but it is too even with the gumline and you can't see anything.

I was so happy I yelped and danced around the house with him for like 10 minutes then left Andrew a voicemail. I had to call someone so I called my mom and she was just as excited!

I think it is funny the last time I was so exstatic about something was the day Andrew proposed.

The little most basic things in life become so fun when it is your little person doing them. Most people don't even think about how a tooth could be so exciting. I know I never thought I would be so happy at such a small part of life and growing up.

I am so happy to be a mom and be so proud of my son and all the hard work he has been doing to cut that 1st tooth. YEAH Hudson you're such a big boy!

Hudson is 7 months old this Saturday

Hudson can .....

-Roll over from belly to back
-Clap his hands (started last wed, so cute!)
-Do itsy bitsy spider with his fingers....also too cute!
-Smile and laugh like crazy
-Is working on sitting up on his own, got it down pretty well but still falls sideways a lot
-Loves to dance in his johnny jumper
-Now bables very loudly....bla bla dadda mamma babbla babba with very loose mouth. He mainly does this when he is done playing with something or is getting tired and wants to tell me something like "pick me up I am done with this now" so cute it the car I think he is singing to the music too.

They grow so fast. He is also teething I swear....he is biting hard on everything and fussy in the evening. He has decided after his 5pm nap he wants to just stay home. I tried an outing last night and he fell apart for the first time. So home bound we are for the evenings.

His nap schedule is getting pretty routine sleeping is becoming our schedule for the day and we work around it. He seems to be liking that a lot.

Sleeping our first hurdle

Andrew and I often use to say after leaving peoples houses with kids that "when we have kids we won't let that happen".....but we feel it creaping up already.

SLEEPING~our first hurdle.

His sleeping has been the biggest challenge since we all know how much I LOVE to sleep. Hudson has held on tight to the "I'm in charge here" and showed me that even I can't have the perfect son who does everything I want... when I want.

So last week, well April 2nd to be exact, we nipped his sleeping in the bud. Daddy was home for 4 nights and we had baby Hudson sleep in his own bed, in his own room (all the way upstairs) when he fell asleep for the night. I woke up to feed him by going up to his room and putting him right back down. This a huge step for me, I love to sleep and hate being woken up. This is why co-sleeping was good for me, because I just pop the boob in the mouth and go back to bed. Well it took a toll on me, my neck and my back. I also have a kicker for a son, for people that didn't know this... he played soccer in the tummy and hasn't stopped yet even in his sleep while nursing. Once he started sleeping on his tummy he was better but I didn't sleep all that well.......Must note he is nursing now as i type one handed, he loves the computer!......Anyway we are on day 12 and he on average wakes up one or two timea a night for a long big feeding and then in the morning about 7 he wakes up and entertains himself by playing for a bit until mommy can muster the ability to pry her eyes open enough to climb the stairs to get him. Then we snuggle in mamma's bed while he nurses and goes back to bed sometimes letting mommy get another hour in. We get out of bed by 9 most the time. Sweet sleep i have missed you so!


All my life I have wanted to be a mother. I use to lay in bed as a teenager and young 20 something thinking about who I would marry and what our kids would look like. I have loved babies and kids for as long as I can recall. I remember thinking that when I die I want to be remembered for the children's lives I have impacted, to help the future of the world. I have been a nanny and pre-school teacher and then in the birth world for over 15 years now and I always come back to the life is so much happier around the babies!

Well I am not sure how much I will impact the future but becoming a mommy has finally become a reality for me.

I knew Andrew was the right man for me the moment I met him. It took him a few years to understand that I wasn't going anywhere and when he was ready I would still be his friend and by his side. I patiently waited for my future husband to figure out life wasn't over because you get is just a new chapter on how you view life.

We are approaching our 1 year anniversary already and have had a huge year. Probably the biggest we will ever have. We got engaged, bought a new car, married, honeymooned, had a baby and bought a house all within a year. Well we are so happy and in love with each other. It is nothing like I imagine it would be, it is better. The joy of having a husband and friend in life and now a georgous son I am the luckest woman on the planet to have these two men in my life. (Sorry 3 ~Baxter is great too)

Andrew has taken a job which we hope is a good career move, for a large international company, very different from any other job he has had. It involves everything he has always wanted in a job including travel. Too bad it didn't come sooner, being away from him all week and only seeing him on weekends is hard on both of us. But absence makes the heart grow stronger I truely believe that is a fact! Andrew traveling all the time has really made him cherish and miss us, so when we are all together we are so giddy happy and loving it is great!

We enjoy our always (99% of the time) happy smiley son and love him so much!

Hudson and his moments~

All in all Hudson has been a great baby. Very happy active, bouncy and funny funny funny. He loves people and eagerly awaits visitors and others to notice him everywhere we go. He makes eye contact and pulls out all the stops to get people to smile and talk back to him. He is very interested in those who don't notice him or he can't make smile back. He stares them down and observes why his charm isn't working.

I spend everyday with him. We do play time and reading, singing in bed in the morning. Then once I get up I give him some floor excercise time where he had learned to roll over from tummy to back and now from back to side (doesn't quite get the all the way back to belly thing yet). We go to play groups. I joined a local mommy group here in Roseville and the moms and babies are great. I only wish we met more often. I would love to have a play group 2-3 times a week. Hudson loves them and at first cried a lot because other babies he didn't quite get how loud they can be ;0 But now he goes right in and tries to lick them or kiss them or taste them not sure which. He enjoys being social like I said before he is all about the attention. We go on our walks two times a day, out to the dog park, the mall and all sorts of places each morning. I am just starting to garden and having sunshine at home is allowing us to spend more time in our back and front yard. Hudson says hello to daddy's picture everyday and try to reach and suck on it, he laughs and smiles so much at it. I have tried to capture this on video but it is hard to hold him and video at the same time since I don't want him to attack the frame.

When daddy is home I am trying to give him more alone time with him. He loves him, but there is nothing like mommy. It is hard to just remove myself, but I am working on it. We have tried feeding him various things and so far mouthing it but no swallowing. My mom said I didn't eat solids until I was 1 so maybe he doesn't want to.

I am trying a babysitter for 2 weeks to see if she can help feed and nap him. So far I am the only one that can get him down at night. Daddy has tried but with no sucess. No I take that back the other night he did fall asleep on dad....yes once. So with the sitter I am going to try to get in some naps myself, get some cleaning and errands done and have some ME time. Never thought I would want that, but I think I need it.

I love Hudson so much, and it is amazing on how fast or slow the day goes by sometimes. I want to enjoy every moment together and life get's in the way. I need to find a balance between getting the house in order, keeping my sanity, and enjoying my beautiful reapidly growing son. The challenges of motherhood, not hard but such an interesting balancing act.....hope I succeed soon!

Me Blog ....what?

Ok ok ok already....I will try the writing thing. I just don't think I am articulate enough to write well. I will give it a shot though. I must appologize in advance though I spell horrible and may not have time to spell check so sorry to all you english majors for that in advance ;)

So I hope you all enjoy these posts....I also want to have this be a chance to send the link to eveyone to get updates on Hudson. Hopefully you will find it enjoyable at the least with the photo's.

~Love to all~