Thursday, September 17, 2009

Know Your Birth Options

Why is it that some woman, when pregnant may just take the doctors word for whatever they say and not ask questions, research choices, or know their options?

I am not saying people need to be overly aggressive about it, but ignorance when it comes to delivering your baby should not be part of the picture.

You chose to have this baby planned or not, right? Don't you want to know all your options on how you can have the birth you want?

Have you ever thought about how you want to birth your baby? If not, you should. "You planned your wedding, you should plan your birth." So many people spend months and even years planning a wedding, and not as many even give half the time and energy into planning the birth of their baby. I don't count decorating the babies room, or buying cute baby clothes.

I am talking about, who you want at the birth, where are you going to deliver, how are you going to deliver, have you researched pain meds, epidurals, other interventions.

Ladies, just because your girlfriend told you how her birth was ...there is a 99.9% likelihood yours will NOT be like hers. This is your body, your pregnancy, your baby....go find out "your" choices. Age has a lot to do with it, younger girls have babies for many reasons, and don't always look into all the details of how delivery works.

My point here, is that lack of knowledge is IGNORANCE. Don't be dumb when it comes to your options, know them, your baby has been counting on you since the day you got pregnant. When you educate yourself about your birth choices it also influences your baby's survival and health afterward. Many choices you make, or your care provider makes for you, around the birth of your baby can and will effect him or her for the rest of their lives.

Don't you want to go into bringing your child into this world knowing everything about your choices around it that you can?

Ask a doula, child birth educator, lactation consultant, or midwife about anything around your birthing options. They will listen, answer your questions and be there to help you through this. You are not alone, and we are not re-inventing the wheel here, there is a lot that is normal that you wouldn't even think to ask!

Pregnant or know someone who is? Pass this onto them....

Who do I want at my birth?
Where do I want to give birth?
What am I afraid of?
What am excited about?
What do I look forward to about the birth of my baby?
What am I not looking forward to about the birth of my baby?
Is there something I want to avoid because of a last birth or experience that I have had?
Have I thought about my pain management?
Do I have a high threshold for pain?
What are my options around pain?
Do those options effect my baby? How?
What is the recovery time for some of the pain management options?
Are there other interventions that come along with the pain management choice?
Do I have an option to stay home as long as I can?
Do I trust the team I have for my birth to guide me through my labor? Do I have back up for my team so they can rest, eat they can be there for me when I really need them?
If my water breaks early and there are no contractions, what is my doctors protocol? Do I have to follow it? What are my other options?

Any one of these questions leads to several think about it. Why not have someone with you to help you through all of this, so you don't have to think about it. You can birth your baby and they will guide your through all the paths that may lead to the end, having your baby in your arms.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What is a Doula?

I was astounded by all of the employees at Motherhood/Pea in the Pod at the Roseville Galleria last week. I went in there to see how many pregnant mama's were there, just me being to let Hudson play a little while I browsed nursing apparel. All of the sales rep's were on my heals asking if I needed help. Crowded as it was it was good service.

I ask to speak to the manager because I want to put together a pregnancy information night for expected parents. I asked her if it was ok to put up a flyer, and she told me corporate doesn't allow flyers that aren't nationwide. I asked her is she knew what a Doula was...and she tilted her head and looked back at me blankly. I had previously asked the last sales associate to find the manager because I had a question about Doula's. She also looked at me like I spoke a foreign language.

They employ young attractive sales reps that don't have experience nor have a clue about doula's??? uhmmmm? this got me do I create a buzz about this?

I got the card to contact corporate and now I am determined to host a FREE information night for their reps. Ignorance is bliss? REALLY?

It concerns me that people who are surrounded by pregnant woman all day don't have any clue what a doula is so here it is in a nut shell.

So....What is a Doula?
She is emotional support for a woman while she labors and gives birth.
She is a walking child birth education course.
She is a mother that mothers the new mommy.
She is a guidance for a partner who may not know how to help.
She is the director of the play "birth of your child"
She is the resource of knowledge and information that may have slipped your mind.
She is your body guard to keep loved ones close or not so close if you so choose.

She is your nutritionist, masseur, personal trainer, yoga teacher, hypno-therapist, & advocate.

She is one of those who will hold your hand and tell you "you can do this" and know that you really CAN!

She is the rock for your partner to lean on and the tag partner when they need to rest too.

She is the one that will ALWAYS have your best interest in mind & heart.

She will make sure people follow your lead not theirs.

She will let you know what is normal and when decisions need to be made.

She will provide you with the knowledge you will need to make choices when needed.

She is the best person you can have by your side besides a partner, parent or close friend, all of which can do many of these things, but she can offer them all a break, know when a good time may be, as well as referee if people forget who is working the hardest during this time.

She is the perfect choice to add to your birth team, no matter the circumstance, no matter the birth plan, she will help you get to your goal.

Healthy mommy, healthy baby and a marathon awaits!

Hire your coach today!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hudson turns 1 year old!

Getting ready this week for Hudson's 1 year Bday party. We are having a few little friends over as well as family in the later afternoon. I am hoping there is a little break in the hot 100 degree weather forcast to allow the kiddos to be outside. We have a larger house but it tends to feel crowded quickly.

Look for pics soon. I uploaded some new photo's to YouTube as well so check those out.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

~The Challenges that the Economy is having on our family~

I know I mainly write about Hudson but this affects him and I have to say something....

The economy, jobs, money, health care, the government and unemployment all have got to change...somehow and soon!

I am not a political person and I like to stay out of it. It frustrates me too much that there is so much ignorance and intolerance in our society and running our government to stay quiet.

Everything happening in our nation right now is hitting home for us.

Andrew has been laid off, I can't find a job, he isn't even getting phone calls from recruiters let alone any leads.

If it weren't for Obama's COBRA reform we would be paying $1500 per month to have health care. This is after the $4k we shelled out already for our High Deductible affordable plan. Who can afford this? It can in most cases be 50% of one person's income. Luckily with the reform we can make the 35% payments thru the end of the year, in order to not loose money we already have paid into. But come January we are all going to have to go on Kaiser. The only reasonably, affordable health care plan out there. It is not so bad when your healthy and only need preventive care. But when it comes to anything major, like if Andrew travels to a state where there is not a Kaiser, what then?? It is so SCARY to think that one major event, could Bankrupt our family, and we could looses everything we have worked so hard to get to.... just because of our nations health care...sorry LACK there of! Don't even get me going on this....I will pass on comments here so I don't rub anyone the wrong way.

My mom moved in with us because of many financial factors on her end, and to help us with Hudson. Which we are forever grateful! But it is hard to see that 3 educated, intelligent, hard working individuals are all living under the same roof and can't manage to make any money! Find jobs or anything!

Of course I have been reaching into my self-employment hat and trying to come up with something that I can do from home, to make or contribute to our household until Andrew can find something.

Unemployment is ridiculous but if we didn't have it we would be up a creek right now. It doesn't make sense that Andrew will need to find a job make at least what he was making or it won't make it worth taking a job at all.

Andrew has thought about consulting, with this time so many businesses probably need it so badly but no one is willing to risk the pennies they have left to hire someone to help them take their business to the next level. RISK is too scary right now, everyone is looking for security not risk.

Hudson and modeling. We are even trying to see if Hudson can make some money since he is so cute and adorable we thought we would try. I just mailed out all the forms yesturday so we will keep everyone informed if he books anything.

I have signed up for selling used baby goods at a swap meet type sale. I will take that money to expand my doula services to also provide bra fitting and consultations. But I have to wait....until the money comes in to buy some inventory.

School??? Is it better for me to take this opportunity of having 3 adults available to raise Hudson and me finally get into nursing school??? I am looking into it. I think it is a great time, but not sure how much money it will take for me to get ready to apply for school. I have 2-3 more classes I need to take in order to be able to apply, then I will need to find a school to get into. I really want to be part of a direct placement school like Kaiser or Sutter had, not sure if they still so or not. I want a guarantee of a job for a few years before I put forth time and money into getting trained. WAIT....but schools are packed right now, no body can find work so everyone is going back to school...

So again the economy comes back and bites us in the butt. SWEET!