Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hery Holiday Newsletter Dec 2010

~Happy Holidays to All of Our Friends and Family~

 The Annual Hery Happenings 2010

It was a busy year for us here in Roseville. We want to share a quick recap of our major happenings just so everyone can see how uninteresting we are. These are a few of the highlights.

• Most notably, in July we had a beautiful little girl, Dayton Simone. She was born at home in the same kind of tub they do $1 beer specials on Taco Tuesday. Yes, Sara has some hippy in her, but it was a perfect birth and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Sara did an amazing job during labor. So much so, I was only awake from 2:30 to 4:30 am for the pushing and delivery then I went back to bed. I figured the nine females in the house had much more interest and knowledge then anything I could offer up. Now Dayton is five months old and all smiles and just a joy to have around.
 • Hudson turned two this year and is such a little boy. He learned sign language so well, we had trouble keeping up. Now he is onto words and chatting up a storm. He is growing up so fast. He can ride a scooter to the park, run faster than his old man, plays the guitar better than his old man, and has finally grown more hair than his old man (no competition here). The most precious thing of all, he loves his baby sister so much. Every morning he hugs and kisses her and he makes sure she is safe everywhere we go.

• In April I was hired back permanently with QAD. I’m traveling a lot and missing Sara and the kids, but thankful I have a job I enjoy. I’ve been flying to New Jersey every two weeks and spent the month of March in Belgium. If I have to keep traveling, I just ask that it is to somewhere much more interesting. I did manage to bring Sara and Hudson with me this summer to spend a few weeks checking out the big city. Unfortunately, we chose one of the hottest weekends on record in the city of New York. Next time, I’ll make sure it is a client on the beach before we make it a family vacation. Anyone have connections in Hawaii?
• With all the responsibility of raising kids, and quite a lot of help from grandma (Sara’s mom), Sara had time to keep her year busy. She passed an ICEA exam for Child Birth Education which now allows her to teach courses anywhere in the world, about the joys of child birth at local hospitals (beer tub is optional). She also volunteered as Treasurer at a local non-profit, Mother’s Support Network, and has been busy attending and scheduling all sorts of community events for parents and children. She has now slowed down to enjoy motherhood and loving every moment!
• This was our first full year in the new Roseville house and we have just completed our first major project. Sara finally convinced me to spend our 2009 tax return money on some concrete and trees around the back and side of the house. Who knew owning a house could be so much work and money?
• We also want to thank everyone who has come to visit us this last year, most came after Dayton was born. It has been wonderful to have a big enough home that family and friends are able to stay with us when they visit.

Happy Holidays from all of us!
Andrew, Sara, Hudson, Dayton and Baxter

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