Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Determined to be MOBILE

Hudson is determined to walk. He has walked 5 steps on his own over and over again between me and daddy for 3-4 days now. He is pulling himself up on things, with straight legs (weird he won't bend his knees). He doesn't get moving sideways once up on something. He like to climb over things, daddy and the toys containers. I try setting him down to sit and he doesn't even want to army crawl he grabs onto me and pulls up, he wants to walk. Mommy's back doesn't like it, I can't bend over like that.

We went to the pool today and he wanted me to walk him around he would point and chatter, dadda de dad dad... like I want to go there mommy come on let's move it! We are working on him trying to balance on his own, he will stand for quite sometime, but then just let him self fall forward face first no hands to the floor. He hit his head pretty hard after 4 steps or so face first into the activity table. A small bump on the forehead and a ton of crying later....I have to let him learn though right? He also likes falling back locked legs and all, I can just hear the cracking of his head on the floor. I think I am going to get him into tumbling. He needs to figure out this balance thing.

He is growing so fast. He is so tall- and I think pretty big for 9 mo old. I love him dearly. His smile, eyes, cheeks and squished up nose...the best thing to wake up to in the morning is his smiling face.

Mr army crawl....hates being on his knees, weird. Chatter box he is talking so much "dadda da, dadda" with pointing fingers and waving his hands and sometimes it sounds like he says "i did it", or other things. quite funny.

Whenever I break out the video camera he stops doing what I thought was so cute to begin with. So hard to get them on video. I got some walking and climbing over daddy I will post on youtube soon just haven't had the time.

I started writing this and he woke up so I am writing pieces of it at a time while I watch him crawl around the house getting into things.

We baby proofed the whole house (well our room is 80% done). He has 3 spaces he can be in unsupervised safely. The front room is best all gated in and nothing for him to hurt himself on. Although if at all like his father he will find something to get hurt on.

He will only eat frozen food. Now he eats about a small jar of food each meal (3 time a day) but it has to be frozen. Last weekend I blended up 9 different kids of foods and made frozen food chips. He loves bangos, goat yogurt w/ fruit, peas and rice and carrots, and sweet potatoes. He also seems to want what we are eating too, he tried chicken and pancakes and loves scrambled eggs. But those are hit or miss.

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  1. I can't wait for video of Hudson's walking. How exciting! Go Hudson Go!!!