Thursday, September 3, 2009

~The Challenges that the Economy is having on our family~

I know I mainly write about Hudson but this affects him and I have to say something....

The economy, jobs, money, health care, the government and unemployment all have got to change...somehow and soon!

I am not a political person and I like to stay out of it. It frustrates me too much that there is so much ignorance and intolerance in our society and running our government to stay quiet.

Everything happening in our nation right now is hitting home for us.

Andrew has been laid off, I can't find a job, he isn't even getting phone calls from recruiters let alone any leads.

If it weren't for Obama's COBRA reform we would be paying $1500 per month to have health care. This is after the $4k we shelled out already for our High Deductible affordable plan. Who can afford this? It can in most cases be 50% of one person's income. Luckily with the reform we can make the 35% payments thru the end of the year, in order to not loose money we already have paid into. But come January we are all going to have to go on Kaiser. The only reasonably, affordable health care plan out there. It is not so bad when your healthy and only need preventive care. But when it comes to anything major, like if Andrew travels to a state where there is not a Kaiser, what then?? It is so SCARY to think that one major event, could Bankrupt our family, and we could looses everything we have worked so hard to get to.... just because of our nations health care...sorry LACK there of! Don't even get me going on this....I will pass on comments here so I don't rub anyone the wrong way.

My mom moved in with us because of many financial factors on her end, and to help us with Hudson. Which we are forever grateful! But it is hard to see that 3 educated, intelligent, hard working individuals are all living under the same roof and can't manage to make any money! Find jobs or anything!

Of course I have been reaching into my self-employment hat and trying to come up with something that I can do from home, to make or contribute to our household until Andrew can find something.

Unemployment is ridiculous but if we didn't have it we would be up a creek right now. It doesn't make sense that Andrew will need to find a job make at least what he was making or it won't make it worth taking a job at all.

Andrew has thought about consulting, with this time so many businesses probably need it so badly but no one is willing to risk the pennies they have left to hire someone to help them take their business to the next level. RISK is too scary right now, everyone is looking for security not risk.

Hudson and modeling. We are even trying to see if Hudson can make some money since he is so cute and adorable we thought we would try. I just mailed out all the forms yesturday so we will keep everyone informed if he books anything.

I have signed up for selling used baby goods at a swap meet type sale. I will take that money to expand my doula services to also provide bra fitting and consultations. But I have to wait....until the money comes in to buy some inventory.

School??? Is it better for me to take this opportunity of having 3 adults available to raise Hudson and me finally get into nursing school??? I am looking into it. I think it is a great time, but not sure how much money it will take for me to get ready to apply for school. I have 2-3 more classes I need to take in order to be able to apply, then I will need to find a school to get into. I really want to be part of a direct placement school like Kaiser or Sutter had, not sure if they still so or not. I want a guarantee of a job for a few years before I put forth time and money into getting trained. WAIT....but schools are packed right now, no body can find work so everyone is going back to school...

So again the economy comes back and bites us in the butt. SWEET!

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