Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Doula

1. A doula helps you to gain, regain, maintain or feign a positive outlook on your ability to handle your new role in life(i.e. mentoring, role modeling)

2. Hiring a doula means that the father to be must focus on you.

3. Hiring a doula frees the father to be from additional burdens of trying to understand shifting hormones, pregnancy jargon, etc. He is free to be the pillar of strength and steadfast support that you need at this time.

4. Hiring a doula decreases the risk of an unwanted epidural.

5. Hiring a doula increases your stamina, dominance, confidence and coping abilities. When you are at the end of your rope, a doula is there to help you to anchor knot your frayed ends and hold on.

6.Hiring a doula increases your chance of having a positive experience with breastfeeding/feeding routines.

7. When you have questions on childbirth, your new role, or have doubts and fears, a doula is a non-judgemental birth resource.

8. Doulas are your advocate, there to make you comfortable, and there to ensure that your wishes are respected and listened to, even if it is not possible to honour them at that time.

9. When your partner is not available, a doula is there. After all, birth should be an occassion when you have a supportive person by your side, to laugh, cry, share and listen.

10. Doulas give you the strength to labour on. When the going gets rough, a doula rolls up her sleeves and gets going to smooth out the bumps, help out with the learning curves and to ensure that both mother and baby are on the pathway to becoming a happy, contented dyad!

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