Monday, November 2, 2009

Pregnancy Information Night- Know Your Birth Options

I am hosting a Pregnancy Information Night called Know Your Birth Options.
Here are the details:

Pregnancy Information Night- Know Your Birth Options
December 3rd, Thursday from 5pm-8pm
Maidu Community Center- Roseville, CA


To inform the pregnant community about different views and the many options they have surrounding their pregnancy & birth. There is NOT an underlying agenda to promote any specific birth option, this event is to get the information out into our community so expectant parents can make educated decisions regarding their pregnancy and birth.

Having many providers in one location will help promote the Childbirth Professionals as a whole within our community and educate the community at the same time!

Event Details

1. Introductions- (5:15pm)
2. Presentation of "Know Your Birth Options" presented by Sara Hery (5:30pm)
3. Question & Answer session from panel (6pm)

* Guests will be encouraged to write down questions during presentation and then have the panel answer them afterward
* Allows for panel to also elaborate on any information given during presentation

4. Meet & Greet (7pm)- Allowing guests to ask individual questions and familiarize themselves with the professionals & their services.

We still need a few more contribution dollars for this event. Any childbirth professionals attending the event we ask for donations of $5 to help pay for the event. The total cost of the event is $150 + some material fees. Any money collecting over the cost of the event will be donated to "Operation Special Delivery".

Panel of Childbirth Professionals
So far on the panel we have the following:

* Homebirth Midwife with hospital experience
* RN & Postpartum Doula
* Prenatal Fitness & Bradley Instructor
* Hypnobirthing Instructor & Lactation consultant
* Alternative care provider & Accupressurist
* Chiropractor specializing in Prenatal clients, & Webster technique
* Postpartum doula
* Birth doula
* Birth Center doula
* OB/GYN (still working on this- have 3 names and letters of request out- if you know an OB that would be willing please email me!)

Preparation Meeting
I will be hosting a preparation meeting on Monday November 16th 6:00pm at the Raley's Event room on Douglas Blvd, in Roseville. I will send out an EVITE for everyone attending to get a headcount. If this date does not work for most people, I will have to find another location, no other date was available that week.

The following materials have been put together to hand out to the guests in a packet. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD ANY HANDOUTS TO THIS PACKET I WILL NEED THEM BY MONDAY NOV 16th- AT THE PREP MEETING

* Relaxation techniques
* Epidurals
* Narcotics
* Creating Your Birth Plan
* Signs of Labor
* Birthing Choices- Health care Provider & Birthing Locations

Just wanted to let everyone know that my mother is going to be attending the event. She is sponsoring a portion of it to help promote her new book being released the first week of December. Check out her website at

If you would like to help sponsor please let me know, the cost is $30 and you get your own counter in the back of the room. We have room for 1 more sponsor.

We welcome any childbirth professional to attend the event to handout business cards or answer questions at the end of the meeting. We will request donations from any professional participating in the event, so that we can cover the costs and allow the event to remain FREE for the public to attend.

If this event proves successful I plan on hosting a monthly event in 3-4 locations throughout Sacramento, Placer & Yuba Counties. I have secured MSN (Mothers' Support Network to allow me to host in February 2010)

If you are interested in participating and you have not contacted me please email me at

Event Details & Ongoing information
Please visit: for details of the event, time, location, sponsors, & host(s) information.

Spread the Word
Please pass along this information to anyone who you may think would benefit from this event. We have advertised at the following:

* Mothers' Support Network
* Roseville Libraries (3)
* Maidu Community Center
* SacMomsLikeMe (online events)
* Craigslist - Family Events
* 2 local yoga shops
* Posted on Sara's website & blogs.

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