Monday, May 16, 2011

Dayton and Hudson are Growing Up Fast

Dayton got her first tooth 2 days before xmas and the next tooth came 3 days later.  She has been pulling and grabbing at our food so we also started feeding her solids.  She loves squash and carrots!  She has been practicing sitting up on her own as well.  I put a video on youtube.

Hudson started potty training on New Years day.  It is day 16 and he has been accident free for over a week with pee, and now initiating going on his own.  Just this morning he went poop on the potty all on his own in the other room away from us.  Then he came and found Andrew and said "Hudson poop" and took Andrew to the potty to show him.  He then asked, "m&m's?" and tilted his head and smiled!  It was great!  So we are on our way to having a potty trained son by 2 and half years old!

Hudson's speech is so great.  He talks in such full sentences, yet still in 3rd person about himself.  We are working on that!  He loves to narrate what people are doing, he loves talking!  Takes after grandma!

Grandma has taken Hudson on a few adventures and he loves them!  He recently visited the Train Museum in old town Sacramento.  His last adventure was to the state capital where he picked oranges out front.

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