Monday, December 19, 2011

Ode to My Hubby the Better Housewife

It is really hard to explain how great my husband is, so here is a list.

1. He is better at doing laundry than me ~ When he does laundry he folds and put it away before it even cools down.  He will also fold mine and put in piles for me to put away.  We have an agreement that since I tend to let things wrinkle, because I wash and dry but let the clean stuff sit.  He will do his own laundry.  I grab his sometimes when he needs something or I don't have a full load.  If I see that he is doing his laundry I will pull mine and the kids out and add to his piles.  He will make sure I have a few minutes later that day to put mine away because he doesn't like to look at it sit all week.

2. He is more than a 50/50 Daddy.  He helps with the kids and anticipates most of what needs to be done with the kids.  I still nag him or will talk to him like he doesn't know what to anticipate, but in most cases even though he won't do it like I would, the end result is the same.  At times he forgets snacks or a cup of water here and there, but the kids taken care of in most cases.  When we travel he pitches in and takes one kid or both at times, and seems to read my mind at times on what needs to be done. 

3. He PLANS ahead for many small things ~ something as basic as going to the grocery store, he thinks about little things ahead of time and how it can be logically done.  Anywhere from thinking about meals for the week not just the list.

4. He likes to play with his kids ~ He will get off work and start playing with the kids right away.  He is proactive to taking our son out for boys time, as well as reading, tickling, kissing and hugging our daughter.

5. He likes to cook ~ He is fine with me saying "you do dinner tonight" and always comes up with a well rounded meal.

6. He picks up after the kids, himself and me ~ He notices toys, dishes, junk, WAY more than I do.  I think I am use to some choas and it doesn't bug me as a priority.  Of course I want it cleaned up, but I am usually doing 5 other things at one time so I let it wait.  If it bugs him, he cleans it up.

7. He never complains about my cooking ~ I am not very good at cooking.  I am getting better and planning meals for the family is getting easier.  He was raised with a stay at home mom who did all the meals and cooking and at basic meals.  He is very happy just to be cooked for, if he doesn' like it he is quiet but never complains.  I tend to be the one that admits if it tastes gross.  We have had pleanty of learning meals!

8. When he travels he calls every night to say goodnight.  Sometimes our two year old only has 30 sec of interest but he wants to say goodnight to his kids each night.  If he has missed it, it makes him sad.

9. He would love to be the housewife if I could provide the same as the bread winner. Sadly this economy still does not allow the woman to make as much as the man.

10. He shows me that he loves me in many ways ~by working hard, providing for our family, being a great dad and letting me be the stay at home mom.  He took a job that he has to travel a lot so we could move to a more affordable area so I wouldn't have to work.  He would be better at it than I am, but since it was my dream he is supporting me in it. 

11. He understands my back problem ~ and he doens't resent me for things that I can't do.  He helps as much as he can and is supportive if I need more help.

12. He is more husband and dad that I ever imagined!  Everyday I count my blessings and lucky stars that I waited for him to finally settle down. 

13. I love him so much and want everyone to know that I married the best man out there!  Sorry ladies!  

Ode to my Hubby, the best man out there.  I don't take you for granted.  I love you, appreciate you and wish so much that I was more like you.  I am blessed to have you at my side to live our life and watch our kids grow.  Hugs and kisses!

I definately owe you a lot of foot rubs!

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