Tuesday, April 14, 2009


All my life I have wanted to be a mother. I use to lay in bed as a teenager and young 20 something thinking about who I would marry and what our kids would look like. I have loved babies and kids for as long as I can recall. I remember thinking that when I die I want to be remembered for the children's lives I have impacted, to help the future of the world. I have been a nanny and pre-school teacher and then in the birth world for over 15 years now and I always come back to the babies....my life is so much happier around the babies!

Well I am not sure how much I will impact the future but becoming a mommy has finally become a reality for me.

I knew Andrew was the right man for me the moment I met him. It took him a few years to understand that I wasn't going anywhere and when he was ready I would still be his friend and by his side. I patiently waited for my future husband to figure out life wasn't over because you get married...it is just a new chapter on how you view life.

We are approaching our 1 year anniversary already and have had a huge year. Probably the biggest we will ever have. We got engaged, bought a new car, married, honeymooned, had a baby and bought a house all within a year. Well we are so happy and in love with each other. It is nothing like I imagine it would be, it is better. The joy of having a husband and friend in life and now a georgous son I am the luckest woman on the planet to have these two men in my life. (Sorry 3 ~Baxter is great too)

Andrew has taken a job which we hope is a good career move, for a large international company, very different from any other job he has had. It involves everything he has always wanted in a job including travel. Too bad it didn't come sooner, being away from him all week and only seeing him on weekends is hard on both of us. But absence makes the heart grow stronger I truely believe that is a fact! Andrew traveling all the time has really made him cherish and miss us, so when we are all together we are so giddy happy and loving it is great!

We enjoy our always (99% of the time) happy smiley son and love him so much!

Hudson and his moments~

All in all Hudson has been a great baby. Very happy active, bouncy and funny funny funny. He loves people and eagerly awaits visitors and others to notice him everywhere we go. He makes eye contact and pulls out all the stops to get people to smile and talk back to him. He is very interested in those who don't notice him or he can't make smile back. He stares them down and observes why his charm isn't working.

I spend everyday with him. We do play time and reading, singing in bed in the morning. Then once I get up I give him some floor excercise time where he had learned to roll over from tummy to back and now from back to side (doesn't quite get the all the way back to belly thing yet). We go to play groups. I joined a local mommy group here in Roseville and the moms and babies are great. I only wish we met more often. I would love to have a play group 2-3 times a week. Hudson loves them and at first cried a lot because other babies he didn't quite get how loud they can be ;0 But now he goes right in and tries to lick them or kiss them or taste them not sure which. He enjoys being social like I said before he is all about the attention. We go on our walks two times a day, out to the dog park, the mall and all sorts of places each morning. I am just starting to garden and having sunshine at home is allowing us to spend more time in our back and front yard. Hudson says hello to daddy's picture everyday and try to reach and suck on it, he laughs and smiles so much at it. I have tried to capture this on video but it is hard to hold him and video at the same time since I don't want him to attack the frame.

When daddy is home I am trying to give him more alone time with him. He loves him, but there is nothing like mommy. It is hard to just remove myself, but I am working on it. We have tried feeding him various things and so far mouthing it but no swallowing. My mom said I didn't eat solids until I was 1 so maybe he doesn't want to.

I am trying a babysitter for 2 weeks to see if she can help feed and nap him. So far I am the only one that can get him down at night. Daddy has tried but with no sucess. No I take that back the other night he did fall asleep on dad....yes once. So with the sitter I am going to try to get in some naps myself, get some cleaning and errands done and have some ME time. Never thought I would want that, but I think I need it.

I love Hudson so much, and it is amazing on how fast or slow the day goes by sometimes. I want to enjoy every moment together and life get's in the way. I need to find a balance between getting the house in order, keeping my sanity, and enjoying my beautiful reapidly growing son. The challenges of motherhood, not hard but such an interesting balancing act.....hope I succeed soon!


  1. Very sweet, Sara! If you figure out that balancing thing-- please let me know! I am still trying to figure it out and my oldest is 15! I read a while back that we never truly balance-- but learn to accept some days parts of our life take priority but that doesn't mean the other parts are not important!

  2. Thank you for sharing your motherhood journey with us! Blogging is a great cathartic process, like journaling to the world. Enjoy!

    Andrew and Hudson are some VERY LUCKY BOYS!