Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleeping our first hurdle

Andrew and I often use to say after leaving peoples houses with kids that "when we have kids we won't let that happen".....but we feel it creaping up already.

SLEEPING~our first hurdle.

His sleeping has been the biggest challenge since we all know how much I LOVE to sleep. Hudson has held on tight to the "I'm in charge here" and showed me that even I can't have the perfect son who does everything I want... when I want.

So last week, well April 2nd to be exact, we nipped his sleeping in the bud. Daddy was home for 4 nights and we had baby Hudson sleep in his own bed, in his own room (all the way upstairs) when he fell asleep for the night. I woke up to feed him by going up to his room and putting him right back down. This a huge step for me, I love to sleep and hate being woken up. This is why co-sleeping was good for me, because I just pop the boob in the mouth and go back to bed. Well it took a toll on me, my neck and my back. I also have a kicker for a son, for people that didn't know this... he played soccer in the tummy and hasn't stopped yet even in his sleep while nursing. Once he started sleeping on his tummy he was better but I didn't sleep all that well.......Must note he is nursing now as i type one handed, he loves the computer!......Anyway we are on day 12 and he on average wakes up one or two timea a night for a long big feeding and then in the morning about 7 he wakes up and entertains himself by playing for a bit until mommy can muster the ability to pry her eyes open enough to climb the stairs to get him. Then we snuggle in mamma's bed while he nurses and goes back to bed sometimes letting mommy get another hour in. We get out of bed by 9 most the time. Sweet sleep i have missed you so!

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