Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Army Crawl

Hudson has mastered Army Crawling. He now can look at something from across the room and determine he wants it. He for the first few days did it with both arms and elbos clasping his hand together and pushing down on his elbows and pulling himself. He now has figured out right armed is much quicker. He has gotten up n his toes much more than his knees and pulling himself around is getting quicker and quicker. I have video I will post as soon as I can edit a few together of the progress.

So baby proofing begins....

He has been using his walker for a few weeks now too and has mastered that as well. He knows how to get from carpet to tile, and over the throw rugs in the hall. He also knows how to back up, he even looks behind him while he is doing it, quite funny. He has figured out how to rotate himself to go another direction if he hits an obstacle or the wall.

He is going to be sooooooo fun once walking on his own!!! We have spend a lot of time at the park and in the back yard kiddy pool to release all this energy.

The other night he figured out how to get to something he wanted, and it was like a switch he couldn't turn off the drive to explore the entire family room. He was non-stop for like an hour. He hit his physical wall at about 930pm and crawled to daddy rubbed his eyes and passed out. It was so cute!

I love him so much, he smiles at me so big and just loves the fact he can do things on his own.

He is taking a bottle now atleast once a day with goats milk and breast milk. Some formula as well if breastmilk isn't in the fridge. It helps add a little more nutrients to the goats milk since it seems to digest fast he is hungry more often without it. He has eaten a few more jars of baby food, but again the second time I try it, he doesn't want it. He ate a lot of pancakes and scrabbles eggs yesturday and then I tried today and he had no interest.

He is great at this, puts himself down for most naps, and even at night when he is really tired. He had a rough spell a few nights ago, but it was only that one night. This morning he woke up at 7:45am and then nursed and went back to bed with me until 10am, daddy had to wake him up because Nanny came for a visit. He must be growing.

My little man is amazing and each and everyday he gets cuter, smarter and more interested in being independent.

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