Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1st tooth- YEAH FINALLY!

As Hudson is knawing on his passifier at 8pm tonight he sticks my thumb in his mouth and I feel a pinch! Yes it is real a tooth, finally he broke his first tooth! Bottom left tooth lined at the bottom of his gums. I tried taking a picture but it is too even with the gumline and you can't see anything.

I was so happy I yelped and danced around the house with him for like 10 minutes then left Andrew a voicemail. I had to call someone so I called my mom and she was just as excited!

I think it is funny the last time I was so exstatic about something was the day Andrew proposed.

The little most basic things in life become so fun when it is your little person doing them. Most people don't even think about how a tooth could be so exciting. I know I never thought I would be so happy at such a small part of life and growing up.

I am so happy to be a mom and be so proud of my son and all the hard work he has been doing to cut that 1st tooth. YEAH Hudson you're such a big boy!

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  1. Hey Mamma Hery! Fun reading about your growing boy... especially with our boys so darn close. I cant believe Hudson got his first tooth! Donny has 6!!! Can you believe that?? 2 bottoms and 4 tops! They all came within 6 weeks of each other.. so watch out! Donny took it really well though.. didnt really fuss. But Ive heard horror stories from other moms.. so good luck!