Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hudson is 7 months old this Saturday

Hudson can .....

-Roll over from belly to back
-Clap his hands (started last wed, so cute!)
-Do itsy bitsy spider with his fingers....also too cute!
-Smile and laugh like crazy
-Is working on sitting up on his own, got it down pretty well but still falls sideways a lot
-Loves to dance in his johnny jumper
-Now bables very loudly....bla bla dadda mamma babbla babba with very loose mouth. He mainly does this when he is done playing with something or is getting tired and wants to tell me something like "pick me up I am done with this now" so cute it the car I think he is singing to the music too.

They grow so fast. He is also teething I swear....he is biting hard on everything and fussy in the evening. He has decided after his 5pm nap he wants to just stay home. I tried an outing last night and he fell apart for the first time. So home bound we are for the evenings.

His nap schedule is getting pretty routine too...so sleeping is becoming our schedule for the day and we work around it. He seems to be liking that a lot.

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