Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First trip to the Zoo

I woke up this morning with my beautiful, adorable, cherub son's smiley face and hands grasping at my arms. He slept most the night and up at 6am, so I snuggled up to nurse him and we both went back to bed. The next thing I know he is smiling at me, stroking my arm and cooing with a high pitch squeal. He is soooooo cute in the morning! He is cute all day, but it is the best present each and every morning to see his smile, his eyes and hear his laughter. I can't believe how much I love him and want to eat his cheaks up! Tickling him is addicting because I just want to hear his giggle over and over again. I have to stop myself and realize he probably needs to breath. Hudson I love you so much, and you are the cutest thing I have ever seen!

So my day started off drinking up his cuteness then reality hit me. This morning we had to get ready to go to the Zoo! Unfortunately.... nap time came early. So we missed our playgroup but we went anyway, just Hudson and mommy. We ended up there about 12:15 in the 96 degree heat. We jumped on the miny train and Hudson was startled by the train whistle...but then he clapped and smiled. I took video it was so cute he liked it! The light breeze on the train made it barable today. Although the Zoo is small, it was neat to see some of the animals. Most were hiding in shade and we didn't see a lot of faces. Definately somewhere to go back to when he is a bit older. Hudson got to see black bears, a tiger, some deers and a mountain lion. He only noticed the deer because we could pet it thru the fence. I didn't but a 3 year old did in front of us.

Hudson is sleeping well again. Luckily the tooth hurdle didn't blow his new routine. He ate some food for the sitter, Connie yesturday and she got him to take a nap for her. This month has been a big month for Hudson. He is really working on rolling around....a little encouragement on judy's quilt with toys just out of reach and he pivots well.

He is growing like a weed. He is wearing 18 month clothes. I really think there should be a new way to gage sizes in clothes for babies. It should have a weight and height chart and the clothing manufacures should be REQUIRED pre-shrink the clothes.

Hopefully we only have to buy clothes to 2-3 years old and then we will get hammy downs from all our BOY cousins, RIGHT???

I am exhausted from all the heat and an active day. My husband is coming hom early tonight, YEAH it's only Wednesday ;)

I will post pics and video of the zoo on here or youtube and post the link when done. I should get arounf to that tomorrow.

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