Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hudson turns 7 mo and we celebrate our 1 yr anniversary

This week has been a milestone for our family in more than one way.

Hudson got his 1st tooth Tuesday evening the 14th, he ate his 1st jar of solid food for mommy Saturday night the day he turned 7 mths old, and Andrew and I celebrated out 1st completed year of marriage today Sunday the 19th.

His sleeping has not been great this week I think from the solids and the teeth coming in. But next week daddy his home by Wed so we will make sure all nights our in his own bed, and dad helps with bed time this week too.

Hudson is clapping and smiling all the time, along with kicking and jumping as much as he can. He is so happy when Daddy is home for the weekend. Grandma & Abuelo Leo watched him last night so Andrew and I could go out to the movies. Thanks granny pants!

I think Nanny and Grandad our home today from England so hopefully we get to see them this week sometime!

We are enjoying the sun, nice 80 degree weather, gardening and making our house a home, and spending time together this weekend.

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