Monday, May 18, 2009

Hudson turns 8 months old

Mobility-Lack there of....
Our little man is growing up. He really wants to move, but can't seem to be bothered with figuring out how to do it. Skydiving is still his main gig. He figured out how to step with assistance and seems much more interested in that. Now how to balance oneself, he will have to figure that one out.

He had his first swim lessons last week. He did well. He loves the water and to kick and splash. If he could kick the whole time he would. He caught a cold mid week and is battling with a cough still. But because of the heat the water felt great for both of us. Doing it alone all week was hard. How does one rinse off, get dressed and dry off oneself and an infant without putting him down? There was no where to put him down. I used the changing table once but it was right by the door and on a breezy day right out of the pool was chilly and he cried the whole time.
I just stayed wet and in my swim suit the 1st day, then on the second I brought a pull over sun dress to atleast cover my not so flattering post baby thighs and butt. Did I mention I had to be in the pool with him, me wear a swim suit? Oh that shopping trip was horrible. I did it as fast as I could and only made sure it fit, and didn't look in the mirror for more than a minute. Not sure the world is ready for it yet, but what ya gonna do?
Then daddy was home to take Hudson for his last class on Friday. I have video make sure you check it out:

and updated pics at:

8 month milestone-
Still only two teeth. Working on molars for sure he is chewing on his fingers none stop. Again working on mobility, walking seems more interesting to him. He has a bad cold and the heat is not helping because we can't be outside that much for fresh air, it is too hot. Over 100 degrees two days this week so far. Now I wish we had a pool in the back yard.

Eating- Very interested in food, wants to eat everything we are eating, but tastes it by sticking his tongue out, then shaking his head. He will only eat if he can feed himself. He doesn't like anything mushed up, and wants it to be soft enough to chew and so he won't gag. Again like crawling, he wants to do it his own way and won't have us showing him or telling him otherwise. Is this a peek into our future??? I told daddy this weekend he get's this from him, not me. I may be stubborn but only doing it your own way even when others suggest otherwise, is all daddy baby!

Hudson's 1st airplane ride-
Well we went on Hudson't 1st airplane ride in end of april/begining of May. We flew to Ohio to see dad and Nadia (Vovo). They loved him up and spoiled him rotten with attention. He loved and misses them so much. We watch the movies of them often and I am making a collage of pics we took to hang on his wall so he can say hello to them every day. Hudson did well on the planes there, but the way back the one from Chicago was hard on him 5.5 hours was too long. Definately too hard on me to travel alone with him. But it was worth it. I didn't want dad to go to long without meeting his 7th grand child. We also saw Aunt Pat, Uncle Joe and Aunt Jane on Andrew's family side. They live in Cincinatti and we took a day trip up there that was nice. Pat cooked a yummy lunch and I emailed her to get the recipe I liked it so much. We also went to the Columbus Zoo that was fun too. All these pics are on my facebook. The video's on

Our Summer Plans-
This weekend we see my Aunt Judy she is coming in from Idaho/Montana. Also we may explore some local lakes for the Memorial Day weekend. We hope to be in Seattle with Daddy in July for a few weeks. We also want to plan a trip or something around the 4th for daddy's bday. Then in August we want to plan a summer vacation of some kind. Maybe Austin? Maybe somewhere we have never been? Then I hope Tara our good friend in Canada will be visiting us in August too.

Well hopefully it won't be a month before I write again but who knows....hope everyone has a good summer! Make sure you all take atleast one vacation. We always welcome visitors if anyone wants to come see us!!!!

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