Monday, June 1, 2009

You spent $$$$ on something you use for only weeks?

If you spent A LOT of money on something that you ended up only using for a short time- would you think twice about buying it again? Of course you would, (i hope). Then why is it that we spend so much on kids things.....we have no choice. Even the 2nd hand places most of them aren't really that much cheaper.

Example- I found a highchair seat at a 2nd handstore for $20 and Walmart had it new for $17. Yes we have Walmart, but for all those who spend so much on nicer, longer lasting things...that is great....we want those items to be re-used and passed on!

Help me gather these items to share with others.....

For months Andrew and I have been talking about starting this business about exchanging items of children/baby items for the next stage of life. There is so much stuff out there that you need and only use for a few weeks, one time or never at all when you have kids.

Many many people hang on to things thinking when they have another kid they will use it, or if it is a boy again I want to keep I right?

Why can't all the ads on craigslist of people who want all their money back on kids items get real already? I can see trying to recoop some of it, but a 5 yr old item come on you bought it new for a reason, people are buying used for a reason, to SAVE money!

So I have this great plan and hope it works. We want to create a baby exchange. Clothes, equipment, misc items, furniture etc....I am putting the word out here on my blog to collect all things baby. Items for up to 1 year of age only right now then if it works we will go up to 5 or so. In exchange for donation you will know that I am trying to use all the things that may end up in the trash, or items people hang on to for years and never use again, will be used again over and over. Also to keep down the cost of having a kid, they are expensive why not buy used???

I want to make it affordable people to get the things they need for the first few months, and not spend so much for things that are just sitting in most peoples garages unused.

Anyway there are many details to this I am not explaining and I am sure there will be a HUGE market for this. I just need donations to see what I can get for free and also if the items are in good shape and I think will be in demand I will pay a small fee for them so people don't feel like they don't loose money on it.

I know when Andrew and I moved we went to 4 different thrift stores to donate items, perfectly good baby clothes, baby bath, a bouncy chair and a walker and no one would take them. It was weird...I know people need this I will collect any thing people want to give me or need to sell for cheap to get it out of your garage and into MINE.

Also please know that if you plan on having more kids if this business works like I think it would, when your ready for the next one my business will be there for you, to get what you need for cheap, and who knows something you may have donated may come back to you too!

Thanks spread the word!


  1. sounds awesome Sara- so will it be a rental system? like use this bumbo for 2 months for 10.00 ?

  2. Ohhh a rental system is a really good idea!

    Have you checked out freecycle? Its people who want to give away their stuff for free- and a lot of kids stuff (especially clothes) end up on there!

  3. Yes basically, and if people don't want to pay for each item individually they can get a membership. It should cover the cost of effort, collection, organizing and distribution.