Friday, March 26, 2010

20 weeks Pregnant and it's a girl!

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So am still not use to the idea of having a girl. I thought I would have two boys. Well I like the idea of one of each. I hope Barbies, pink madness and lacy things are limited in my future. I never got into those things, so I am sure she will and I will have to have my sister come play with her! No really, I will be able to play with her if that is what she really likes, but I hope I can expose her to other things in life.

I find myself pointing out trucks, and tractors and airplanes to Hudson all day long, well now he pointed them out to me. This morning was all about the garbage truck, which we followed down the street to the end of the block and around the cul de sac because he kept signing "more". Then on our way back home a cement truck pulled up and started pouring cement with 4 workers loading it in their wheel borrows. Fun stuff for an 18 month old, I had to bribe him to come back inside so mommy could get out of her robe and shower before noon. The bribe was to brush his teeth and get dressed to go to music class with grandma. He loves music class! So it worked.

Anyway I hope I am as excited about the same things with my daughter. I want to point out trucks, planes and animals to her, and if she likes them as much as Hudson does great!

I know there is an innate part of humans that automatically classify childrens genders with certain interest. I do not want to be so far to the other side about this, but I also want to make sure I am treating her the same as Hudson, no matter the little task at hand. I want her to have a choice on what she likes, expose her to many things, but not point her into a box of "girl" stuff. She will find out more than enough from her friends when she is older. I don't need to buy a barbie to make her feel girlie.

On the other hand, Hudson shows such signs of being a "boy" it is uncanny. He will run around and jump, and climb and freak out so he can get rid of his pent up energy. I have never seen a girl do that. But maybe I haven't raised one yet, so we will see.

It is so funny how we are born with certain likes, attitudes, aggressions, and energy that your gender really can be a deciding factor on how you go through life. But not all are created this way, and some have more or less than one without the gender being the "typical" for the attribute.

So with that, I go to bed. Dreaming of what it will be like to raise a daughter. I hope not much different with my lead, but only hers. I will be there to guide her safely through the paths she chooses, no matter which way. Just like my son.

PS. Teenage life will be different I know, and I hope my husband and his respectfulness, loving ways, and wise wisdom beyond his years influences both our children so they make good choices in life. I hope we all like, love & respect each other through those time.

For now, I look forward to the newborns smells, toddlerhood and the first day of school.


  1. You will LOVE having a girl, I promise they are just as fun as boys. The clothing choices are also way cooler. Evie is very interested in all things- trucks, planes, baby dolls, and animals. She also really runs around and climbs the walls "like a boy". Anyway I completely agree about nursing all kinds of learning and not falling into gender roles.

  2. This was very heartwarming! I also worked to make sure you three girls had exposure to boys toys and other experiences without a lot of pink. Maybe that is why Amber is a park ranger now, but I never had the full exposure to gender awareness that you do so I know your daughter will have an even better chance at things like becoming a pilot someday (if she choosed that for herself, of course).

  3. Oops! That was an error. It was 'chose' not 'choosed.' How funny!!!!